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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jet Set

The travelling bug has bitten me once again! Now that I’ve gotten ticketing a
nd hotel arrangements out of the way, I can concentrate on more fun things. Such as puting together a travel wardrobe. In this sense, Asos has been a treasure trove of finds. We can’t do anything about our passports but we can cover them up in these glam faux leather holders in gold or silver. Now take a look at belted jumpsuit in dark tan. You can turn heads and stay comfortable (aren’t layovers such a drag?) at the same time. Lastly, accessories! Over-sized tinted shades are big this season (yes, pun intended!) . And while you’re at it, slip on a delightful charm bracelet for good luck. My choice would be this sea charm bracelet. Aren't the sea anemone and rhinestone bubble detailing just divine? Bon voyage!


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