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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Diamonds are an iPod's Best Friend

I love music and I take my iPod everywhere I go. Recently, i've taken to embelishing it's case- a white leather Hello Kitty pouch with silver piping (so Japanese pop, eh?) Too much? Well, an Italian design company has taken things further.

Cool Hunting reports:

As if wearing white iPod earphones wasn't enough to make you attractive to a mugger, Italian company Mac@Work has decided to add white gold and diamonds. The iDiamonds, as they're called, come with the gems delicately arranged as a heart, star, moon or lightning strike on buds coated in precious metal. The price of these blingphones start at 660€.

So glamorous, but i wish it were easier on the pocket! Besides, i prefer to have diamonds adorned on me...not on my music toy. Perhaps they can replicate it with Swarovski crystals?


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