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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sport It

Sports have always been a frustration with me. Its easy to be envious of those pretty but powerful uber girls on the tennis court. I've also had this enduring fantasy of being on a fencing team. Picture this: a slender girl in snug (quilted! silk! Chanel!) white delivers a final, victorious jab. Crowd roars in approval. Girl takes off head gear and her long hair spills out with an elegant swish. Er, does anyone know if Chanel has fencing wear?

Ok, before i get distracted any further, i just wanted to say that a lot of sports brands are comming up with bags that give people like me another excuse to like sports.

Although i think i'd sooner take this opulent white Puma Motorspot sooner to a club than to a gym.

As for this pink sling bag from Adidas, consider it included in my sport fantasies. I can imagine (operative word: imagine) toting it as i go to ultimate frisbee/jogging/touch football or as i meet up with Ballack and Thorpe ;) .


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