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Friday, April 28, 2006

Casual Fridays

My first job was with a publishing company. Being in editorial meant that you could wear anything (as long as you looked like you could give the models a run for their money.) Being in marketing meant collared shirts and dark slacks. Thankfuly there were Casual Fridays too, a day when the unspoken fashion rules of editorial were temporarily relaxed and when the marketing team could shed the uptight yuppie look. In anticipation of the weekend i made it a point to be especially comforable. It was sneakers, old jeans, and t-shirts from me. Come to think of it, i guess i must have looked a bit sloppy. The point was driven home when i met with the PR honcho of a boutique hotel and she mistook me for a university student. Ouch. Since then i became more mindful of outfits i could comfortable ease into without looking shoddy.

If you're too lazy to spend hours fixing your hair on a lazy Friday morning, you can hide your tresses under a cute baseba
ll cap, like this one from Brazilian designer Herbert Baglione. The embroidery in front lends a nice, artsy flair to it. I also found these shirts from UrbanOutfitters.

The baby tee sports children's pop art house
s and stitched on Russian dolls- edgy but also very adorable at the same time. The striped watermelon tank top wil give you comfy breathing room without looking like a pillowcase- its gathered under the bust and then flares at the waist. Now outfits like these will really give you an extra reason to love Fridays, don't you think?


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