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Friday, April 28, 2006

Casual Fridays

My first job was with a publishing company. Being in editorial meant that you could wear anything (as long as you looked like you could give the models a run for their money.) Being in marketing meant collared shirts and dark slacks. Thankfuly there were Casual Fridays too, a day when the unspoken fashion rules of editorial were temporarily relaxed and when the marketing team could shed the uptight yuppie look. In anticipation of the weekend i made it a point to be especially comforable. It was sneakers, old jeans, and t-shirts from me. Come to think of it, i guess i must have looked a bit sloppy. The point was driven home when i met with the PR honcho of a boutique hotel and she mistook me for a university student. Ouch. Since then i became more mindful of outfits i could comfortable ease into without looking shoddy.

If you're too lazy to spend hours fixing your hair on a lazy Friday morning, you can hide your tresses under a cute baseba
ll cap, like this one from Brazilian designer Herbert Baglione. The embroidery in front lends a nice, artsy flair to it. I also found these shirts from UrbanOutfitters.

The baby tee sports children's pop art house
s and stitched on Russian dolls- edgy but also very adorable at the same time. The striped watermelon tank top wil give you comfy breathing room without looking like a pillowcase- its gathered under the bust and then flares at the waist. Now outfits like these will really give you an extra reason to love Fridays, don't you think?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Classical Inspirations

I am absolutely rivited by HBO's Rome. They were showing a rerun yesterday and i couldn't help but lap up the intrigue, power play, politics and...historically accurate (and fashionably fabulous) clothing worn by the women. Ah, those tunics- so feminine, sexy and elegant at the same time. Our modern day answer to that would have to be:

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sport It

Sports have always been a frustration with me. Its easy to be envious of those pretty but powerful uber girls on the tennis court. I've also had this enduring fantasy of being on a fencing team. Picture this: a slender girl in snug (quilted! silk! Chanel!) white delivers a final, victorious jab. Crowd roars in approval. Girl takes off head gear and her long hair spills out with an elegant swish. Er, does anyone know if Chanel has fencing wear?

Ok, before i get distracted any further, i just wanted to say that a lot of sports brands are comming up with bags that give people like me another excuse to like sports.

Although i think i'd sooner take this opulent white Puma Motorspot sooner to a club than to a gym.

As for this pink sling bag from Adidas, consider it included in my sport fantasies. I can imagine (operative word: imagine) toting it as i go to ultimate frisbee/jogging/touch football or as i meet up with Ballack and Thorpe ;) .

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Fashion Flick This Way Comes

I'm excited to see the movie adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada. The fun thing about films about the magazine industry is that everbody (and i mean everbody, from the top editor to the building bell hop) looks like they just stepped off the catwalk.

The formidable Meryl Streep will play the fashion editor from hell, and Anne Hathaway (nice, nice bangs!) takes on the role of her fashion assistant.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Again, Wedges

It seems like wedges are making a comeback for spring/summer 2006, and they are punchier than ever. I simply love the juicy colors and the crochet detail of this wedge from Delias. This will look so good with cropped bermudas.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

All Ingenues Have To Start Somewhere

My childhood summers were literally full of lace, denim, cotton prints, thai silk and sequins. My grandmama used to own a sewing shop and I remember, as early as then, being blissfuly fascinated with all the textile and the fabulous outfits.

I'm in my 20's now and the fascination hasn't gone away. I wouldn't say im an expert in haute couture...but i'd adore having a little say on fashion nowadays.

Just like this outfit from DKNY. Its perfect wear for showing off fresh *
insert name of fabulous beach getaway here* tan, isn't it? The gold will set off nice bronzed tones nicely.

I want to keep my first blog entry short and sweet, so this will be all for now. I do hope you'd drop by often!

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